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We know how you feel. Life is going just fine but there's just that one thing that gets in the way of you really living life to the fullest. If only you could get a decent night’s sleep, if only you could motivate yourself to get to the gym, if only you could feel comfortable in social situations, if only you could feel less anxious, if only you had more confidence, if only you could stop thinking about that annoying ex…if only you could just sort out that one thing quickly, effectively, and painlessly.

Well now you can.

Welcome to This Balm... we've got you.

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Why people love us

  1. We provide our clients with a rapid result, effective wellbeing solutions to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.
  2. We are professional therapists with over 50 years’ experience in the wellbeing arena.
  3. We make each product individually for each client. No mass producing or automation. You tell us your stuff; we listen and then we send you what you need.
  4. No waiting for weeks for an appointment. We will have everything you need to your door and your phone within 7 - 10 days.
  5. Our clients have their own portal where they can save all their recordings, see their bespoke balm ingredients, and have a complete record of what, when and why they ordered from us.
  6. This Balmy Life is our Facebook group where our clients get even more help and support not only from us but also from our community.
  7. We promote self-coaching. Our clients love to be able to help themselves quickly and effectively and we love to teach our community how to do this. This Balm is for life and living.

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What is it?

Aromacognicity™ is the selection of therapeutic aromas combined with meditative subconscious messaging to positively anchor and change neural pathways in the brain.

How does it work?

We all know how evocative certain aromas and smells can be. Our sense of smell is one of the greatest and most powerful senses that you have. It can save your life. Our sense of smell helps to avoid things that are bad for us such as rancid food and can also comfort us in many ways.

Notice how a certain smell can take you right back to your childhood or remind you of someone or someplace, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively.

At This Balm we use the aromas of essential oils amongst other ingredients to blend you something that not only smells delicious but also utilizes the therapeutic benefits of that aroma. Once we have blended your balm one of our fully qualified therapists will record a personal therapeutic meditation for you.

These two things used in conjunction have a super powerful effect not only on the body but on the mind. We will teach you how to completely relax so that your subconscious mind is open to all the lovely positive stuff in your therapeutic meditation recording. Combined with your balm you really will have everything you need to start changing the messages in your mind and improve those annoying niggly bits of your life that you want to move on with.

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Our sustainability promises

We use recyclable glass and recycled paper labels.

Each product is hand blended and so no machines are needed.

This Balm is a multi-use product so less products on your shelf equals less packaging.

Our products are plant based, cruelty free and vegan.

We believe that time is our most precious commodity and something that you can never get back. Our team have busy lives, families to look after and good times to enjoy. Our work culture this by providing a 4-day flexi work environment so that we can work efficiently and compactly, not only saving energy but allowing our team to enjoy their lives at their fullest.

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