• Choose one issue from our consultation list. If you have multiple issues please choose the one that is most important to you at this time. We usually find that “Improved Sleep” is a good place to start if you’re not sure. Please choose only one issue to work on per month.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to fill this out the consultation form. We suggest you find a nice, quiet, comfy spot where you can relax and really think about your answers. Give yourself at least an hour, take
  • Once you have submitted and paid for your consultation one of our team will start to process this for you. It will take a few days so please be patient with us as we want to help you in the best way that we can.
  • Next a bespoke therapeutic meditation will be recorded just for you. Pease don’t share this with anyone as the words and messages in it are based on the answers that you gave in your consultation. It will have your name in it and details that are personal to you so will not really make sense to anyone else.
  • Your own personalised balm will be blended for you using the therapeutic plants and essential oils that you need.
  • You will receive your recording by email and /or WhatsApp and a copy will be available in your portal.
  • Your balm will arrive in the post within 7-10 days.
  • When you have received your balm and your recording you will need to use both of these together for a minimum of 21 days. We will send you a video with instructions on how to do this.
  • Your Aromacognicity ™ session will take approximately 10 minutes a day but you are welcome to give yourself as many sessions as you want to. Just make sure you are in a relaxed space where you won’t be disturbed for at least 10 mins.
  • If you are listening to your recording at night in bed please don’t worry if you fall asleep. The more relaxed you are the better.
  • The messages in your therapeutic recording are subconscious and the changes that you will experience in your day-to-day life will be subtle. Please carry on with your sessions for at least 21 days to receive the maximum benefit. The more you use your Aromacognicity ™ sessions, the stronger the neural pathways and new positive messaging will become in your brain and so therefore will strengthen your new positive beliefs.
  • After 21 days your brain will associate the aroma of your balm with the words in your meditation so if you need a quick boost of positivity or relaxation you will be able to use the balm on its own.
  • If you run out of This Balm you can reorder more from your portal.

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